Meadow Woods Middle Global Academic Leadership Academy


The Global Academic Leadership Academy initiative celebrates the best and brightest of student achievement and provides the highest level of leadership opportunity and community impact. Even with your past successes, we believe in striving for higher academic distinction and, consequently, will provide you with the best opportunities to grow and lead.

An important goal of GALA is to expose students to real-life situations within various professional fields. At the same time, the program will prepare students for the challenges they may face in high school, college or career by providing a rigorous academic program. You have been chosen as part of this unique program, and have a great responsibility to undertake.

To accomplish these goals, we strive to maintain a professional environment with high academic and behavioral standards. This enrichment opportunity will afford you experiences unique to the program that other students may not receive. It is critical that you read this handbook and refer to it for answers to questions that may arise.

Our school is unique because of the invaluable contributions of its teachers and students. GALA is an opportunity for you to shape something new in our culture, improve our academic character, and, simply, better your community. We whole-heartedly look forward to seeing your distinctive contributions become a lasting part of our culture here at Meadow Woods Middle.

Global Academic Leadership Academy (GALA) Handbook (PDF Download)

Prospective GALA Students

GALA Application 2020-21 (PDF Download)

Completed applications for the 2020-2021 School year should be submitted no later than March 31st, 2020. They may be submitted as a hard copy to the student’s current counselor or via email to [email protected].

Global Academic Leadership Academy Contacts

Advisor- Katie Wallace [email protected]

Guidance Counselor- Sonya Ollie  [email protected]