July 21st Newsletter

The Stallion Leader - Our Stallion Strong Family Newsletter

Meadow Woods Stallions and Families:

The Orange County School Board has submitted its proposal to begin our 2020-2021 academic year. Please review the information provided by the district regarding your options as a parent.

During these unprecedented times, while these plans remain fluid, we ask you continue to be patient as we continue to proactively plan to provide your child with a world-class education and differentiated support. Stay Stallion-STRONG!

Para información en español, vaya a la última página de este boletín informativo para obtener instrucciones sobre cómo obtener toda esta información y más en la página electrónica de nuestro distrito.

Schools Reopening Plan

• School Board approved 2020-21 Florida’s Optional Innovative Reopening Plan (6 to 2) to include an Innovative model called OCPS [email protected] This Innovative plan has been submitted to the state for approval. An answer is expected this week.

Here is the link:$file/2020-21%20Florida's%20Optional%20Re-opening%20Plan.pdf

• The School Board also agreed to seek a waiver from the state to allow local discretion regarding the start of school, based on local data. The start date is, tentatively, Friday, August 21.

This is the emergency order from the state:

Below are direct links for parents to review each plan to make their decision:

• Face-to-Face:


[email protected]:

• Also, use the link below to view FAQs for General Q&A, Face-to-Face Model Q&A, [email protected] Q&A, OCVS Q&A, and ESE Q&A:

• The state’s Reopening Florida’s Schools and the CARES Act:

• The district is currently doing a parent registration form for each child. Parents must select one of the three models or describe how their child is receiving their education (aka: home school, private school, etc.)

Link to the form:

• To maximize safety efforts, parents are encouraged to select the OCPS [email protected], if able to keep their child at home.

• To submit another question, send it to:
   [email protected].

Information about office hours

Athletic Information Update

OCPS middle and high school parents, we are informing you know that fall athletics practices and marching band practices which were scheduled to begin on Monday, July, 27 are postponed until further notice. The Athletic Directors, Band Directors, and Principals were made aware yesterday. We are working on a plan to modify our fall sports and marching band practice and competition schedules to provide for student health and safety. We also want to let parents and families know that if a student participates in OCPS [email protected] or Orange County Virtual School they can still participate in athletics and activities at their assigned school. We thank you for your support during these difficult and challenging times.

To innovation and beyond Meadow Woods Middle School

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