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Welcome to Meadow Woods Middle School!

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Meadow Woods Middle School wholeheartedly embraces the OCPS mission to create enriching and diverse pathways that lead our students to success with the support of families and the community.  My goal as the principal is to observe, listen, read, study, and reflect on how I can best support this work at Meadow Woods Middle School within the supportive and empowering structure of this Leader in Me—Lighthouse School.

I look forward to working with the community to learn more about the history and culture of this wonderful school. My entry plan has been designed to provide quality time for building strong relationships with staff, students, families, and community partners. I particularly welcome the opportunity to learn more about the strengths of this school and how it supports students and their families in developing the whole child. I am also eager to learn more about social emotional learning integration as an agent of transformational change in building the school climate and culture.

My entry plan addresses the following key objectives:

  • Cultivate positive and constructive relationships with the Meadow Woods Middle School staff and community to ease the transition of new leadership.
  • Create a community of trust, respect, and camaraderie built around effective and open communication.
  • Learn more about the strengths, priorities, and challenges of Meadow Woods Middle to ensure the continuation of a strong instructional program and a positive school culture within a middle school environment.

Building relationships that promote a foundation of trust is critical as I learn more about the community. I hope to learn about our students’ experiences in our school and their hopes and dreams for the future. I want to work closely with staff members so that I can appreciate their strengths while supporting their personal goals to enhance and extend their instructional practices. I look forward to meeting families and community members as we work together to create a welcoming and collaborative school environment where the voices of families and community partners continue to be embraced within our school. Ultimately, our collective efforts will result in a school where staff, students, and families are inspired to flourish.

In leadership and service,

Charisse M. Ninah, M.Ed., MPH         

School Hours:
9:25 AM - 3:50 PM (M,T,R,F)
9:25 AM - 2:50 PM (Wednesday)

Summer Office Hours | June 9th - July 25th:
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Monday-Thursday)


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